Innovative Safety

We lead the industry in Safety Innovation and hold our team accountable to the highest safety standards. Our Safety Team is the creator of SafeLe Tab, a product designed to be a tool for motor coach drivers to get our guests SafeLe to their destinations, go paperless,and go green.

What is SafeLe Tab?

SafeLe Tab is 8 inch Tablet that mounts directly into the Motor Coach Dash. This device is a tool that our drivers use to get their job done safely. It tracks their driving behaviors through GPS in which managers give recognition and rewards for good driving behaviors. This electronic logging device is also for FMCSA Compliance and Prevention. It has GPS Navigation and tracking along with Real time safety alerts. It is equipped with Safe 2 Talk for hands free communication with our dispatch offices. Our drivers get all of their information on SafeLe Tab such as Dispatches, Technical Itineraries, Road Conditions, Flight Delays, Motor Vehicle Permits, National Park Permits & Maps, Fuel Locations, and essentially any document. It is a great tool for advanced safety driver evaluations and analytics. SafeLe Tab is our one of a kind technological solution for efficiency and safety.

Hospitality and comfort!

Guests onboard Le Bus can enjoy many comforts as they travel with us. Reclining seats, individual seat belts, extra leg room, clean on board restroom and an entertainment system that now includes our newly created Le HDE Connect. In November 2016, Bryan Copyak, our chief operating officer, was named by Groups Today Magazine as one of the top 10 under 40 most innovative as he designed and implemented our new HDE Connect. This system allows our customers to easily connect any device to our audio and video entertainment centers. Tour operators, Athletic trainers and schools have all utilized this new technology to enhance the traveling experience on Le Bus. Our comfort coaches are equipped with 110 volt outlets at each seat and wifi connections are made available

Safe 2 Talk

This newly added application on our SafeLe Tab allows our drivers to easily receive communication from dispatchers and managers while both hands remain on the steering wheel. The New England Journal of Medicine Study announced “ The risk of accident caused by cell phone is equal to the risk of accident caused by legal intoxication. Distracted Driving Fatalities now surpass the number of drunk driving fatalities. 25% of Automobile Crashes are caused by driver distraction due to mobile phone usage.”