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Mountain Bike Shuttle

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Please note that all guests are required to wear a face mask, and our driver will check guest temperatures prior to getting on the shuttle.

*Le Bus is following all CDC guidelines as pertaining to travel.

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Wasatch Crest- Millcreek

(Operating Even Number Days)

$5-$12.50 Dependent upon what day of the week.

Come ride our shuttle to the Wasatch Crest Trail and enjoy a spectacular single-track mountain bike ride. You will park your vehicle at that bottom of Millcreek Canyon in which we will shuttle you 23 miles to the top of Guardsman Pass.  The single-track trail runs along the high ridge between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Park City, then descends Millcreek Canyon. You will enjoy a smooth ride with five-star scenery and unparallel vantage points of the Wasatch Back Country. The shuttle ride ends with a pavement rush down Mill Creek Canyon or a detour down the Pipeline single track in which we highly recommend.

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Mill D -Crest

(Operating Odd Number Days)


Park your vehicle on the South Side of Mill D Trailhead.  (Doughnut Falls turnoff). Let us shuttle you comfortably to the top of Guardsman’s Pass. Ride the Wasatch Crest to Desolation Lake and then descend another 2000 vertical feet of fun single track. It is a tricky mix of everything from sharp little rock’s, big drops, and rooty sections. This is a fun descent and is a must ride for everyone. Mill D is described as a fun descent but terrible uphill so come and enjoy a shuttle to the top.  Enjoy the unbelievable views of the Wasatch Back Country and end it with a spectacular steep downhill rush of adrenaline that every junky craves!

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Wasatch Crest – Park City

(Operating Odd Number Days)


Get picked up at either the Canyons or Park City Mtn Ski Resort and enjoy our shuttle to Guardsman Pass to Ride the Wasatch Crest.  Ride Pinecone Ridge, Mid Mountain, or a variety of many other trails off the Crest full of thrills and chills. There are amazing views along with cool transitions between aspens, alpine meadows, and pine trees. If your looking for a fast descend, try Spiro. The Trail is smooth and fast with no technical features to worry about. Make sure and download the Trail Forks or MTB Project App and look at all the opportunities. You could ride this all summer and enjoy exploring a different route every time regardless of your skill level. These Wasatch trails on the Park City Side are a must do!

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Bryan Copyak

General Manager

Bryan Copyak, a third-generation family business leader, grew up in Salt Lake enjoying Utah Outdoors. As a resident of Salt Lake, Bryan has biked hundreds of miles in the Wasatch Back along with Back Country Skiing and Backpacking. He calls this mountain range his home, most evenings you will find him getting a workout on his bike, skis, or hiking the Wasatch.  He has a passion for the outdoors and is enthused to provide visitors and locals a pleasurable way to enjoy our mountains.

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